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Event: Formula D Long Beach – Cyrus Martinez

April 13th, 2012

Cyrus Martinez has been competing in Formula D for a while now, and this is his 2012 car.

Still devoted to the SR20 engine, the S-Chassis original recipe, we are pleased to see Cyrus still representing the SR20 power-plant at Formula D.

#951, Cyrus shows his passion for TOMEI as well!

That’s some very nice steering lock there Cyrus.

Again, #84, TOMEI’s number. Cyrus has it on his race suit.

With battle scars that adds character to the car. We love it!

In the office, you can see he’s got a Japanese train ring handle, customized in pink & black. This allows the ladies to hang on tight for those corners!


Even on his equipment, TOMEI!

We’ll be following Cyrus this year too, to see how he does in Formula D.


Here are scenes from last years season




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