For ARMS turbo repair parts,
click the ARMS logo on the bottom left of the TOMEI USA homepage.

A new ‘REPAIR PARTS’ section has now been added to the menu on the left. Clicking on any one of the 6 supported engines/models will bring up all the available repair  parts/components.







Click the ‘Product Search’ tab at the top of the TOMEI USA homepage OR the search box to the right.

1 In ‘KEYWORD SEARCH’ enter the ARMS TURBO KIT part number (as shown) or the name of the item you wish to search for.


You can see the TURBO KIT listed at the top followed by the corresponding repair parts/components.

Alternatively, entering ‘turbine out gasket’ in to the ‘KEYWORD SEARCH’ brings up the below;


For our example, the TURBINE OUT GASKET we’re looking for is the one marked in red (173016).



2 ‘TURBO CHARGER REPAIR PARTS’ can also be searched via the drop-down menu under ‘CATEGORY SEARCH’.







This brings up all ARMS repair parts/components.




Click the ARMS logo on the bottom left of the homepage.

Next, click ‘EJ Single Scroll’ on the bottom left of the menu.

Click the ② TURBINE OUT GASKET as pictured.

This will take you to the item details.

For more details on installing the components, click the ‘MORE INFO’ button at the very bottom of the page which will open the corresponding installation manual.