Random: Going Green and Sunny

Since the weather has been strange all over the world, people have been thinking “green”. Save the planet…

Some like to cut down on certain things, saving electricity, gas, fuel and so on.

Others like to recycle. Well I see there is no better way to show your neighbours what you love in life. So this is the new revised A12 Hybrid Cylinder block perhaps? For the next ECO Car… maybe

This special plant pot can be found next door to Tomei HQ. The company distributes gardening soil, fertilizer and so on. AND the GM there just so happens to also love old Datsun race cars. He has an old Datsun Wagon with a Full Tomei Race engine in it. That is his family weekend street use car as well.

TOMEI A12, A14 & A15 Engine Parts

Tomei Procam Camshafts

Tomei Gaskets (Head, Intake & Exhaust)
Tomei Carb Insulator Gasket

Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears

Tomei Lightweight Push Rods

Tomei Valve Springs

Tomei Carburetor Intake Manifold Kit for Solex 44mm
Tomei Carburetor Intake Manifold Kit for Webber 45mm
– Tomei Balnit Rocker Shaft
Tomei Carb Insulator
Tomei Throttle Shaft
Tomei Teflon Bush