Tomei Fuel Pressure Guage and Regulators

The Tomei Fuel Pressure Guages are out!

With orders moving well, you can tell how our guages are looking well with the regulators.

Part Number: 185111

MSRP: $48.00 (USD)

Our Type S Regulators are supplied with extra fittings in the package.

Part Number : 185001

MSRP : $120.00 (USD)

Our Type L Regulators are also supplied with extra fittings in the package. This is suited for higher horsepower applications of above 500HP.

Part Number : 185002

MSRP : $180.00 (USD)

Beware of the fake knockoffs that are in circulation. Those are sold usually on ebay and shipped from Malaysia, Singapore, China and Taiwan. To find out more details and protect your investment on your engine. Check our detailed report here!