Super Rare Lancer EVO VI in California with TOMEI 4G63 Parts

In the U.S. Lancer Evolution was officially sold from EVO 8, and EVO 1-7 was never sold, and those cars that do exist is personally imported by owners.

Chad from Southern California, whom imported one of these rare vehicles, visited our office the other day.  It was registered in California, and has California plates.

In Japan, it’s not that difficult to import a left hand drive vehicles and comparatively easy to register, but here in California you rarely see a right hand drive vehicles, and it is extremely difficult to register one.

Chad’s EVO 6 uses many TOMEI parts and the completeness of the tuning is done very nicely.

1) Tomei ARMS M7960 Turbo Kit
2) Tomei Expreme Ex Manifold
3) Tomei Expreme Heat Protector
4) Tomei 700cc fuel injector
5) Tomei Type-R Poncam Camshaft
6) Tomei Adjust Cam Pulley Set
7) Tomei Aluminum Engine Cover
8 ) Tomei Fuel Rail
9) Tomei Oil Thermostat killer
10) Tomei slicing baffle
11) Tomei Fuel regulator Type L
12) Tomei blow off valve
13) Walbro Fuel Pump
14) SSR type C bronze
15) Power FC
16) HKS intake
17) Full HKS Superdragger exhaust
18) Tein suspension
19) Ralliart floor maps
20) Paint finish by PJ Bonicafio

TOMEI EXPREME Exhaust manifold and M7960 Turbo is installed.

The fuel related items include TOMEI Fuel Delivery Pipe, TOMEI 700cc Injectors, TOMEI Fuel Regulator Type L.

TOMEI Fuel Regulator Type L installed.

Super rare left hand drive in the USA.

The vehicle’s condition is very nicely preserved.

Achieved to receive the difficult to acquire California license plate.

We greatly appreciate the supporters of TOMEI products.

Here at TOMEI we are striving for our users around the globe to perform solid tuning and keep enjoying what we love.

Thanks to all TOMEI fans.