USER’S VOICE: Cockpit Wako RB28

Long Life with Just Basic Maintenance

Words from Mr. Hidetomo Kakiuchi of COCKPIT WAKO

At our shop, we have a GT-R as a demo car and since we have been putting effort on working on RB26, we have dealt with many RB26 users. From there, we are especially getting many request for performing 2.8L conversion for producing 500HP to 600HP. When I build an engine for a general user, I can bring up a point that as long as basic maintenance is done, the engine has a long life. Therefore, the 2.8L conversion becomes effective. By converting to 2.8L from 2.6L, the characteristics of engine’s horse power and torque is increased, and even with similar characteristics, it is possible to set the boost at a lower pressure, and there will be less stress to the engine. So we can produce an engine that are easier to drive and that can endure a long life. Of course, 2.8L conversion allows for easier power increase with increasing the boost pressure. We always use TOMEI RB28 KIT when performing 2.8L conversion at our shop, and the piston profile has been carefully studied, and there is no blow by.

Other company’s crank shaft requires re-balancing, but the TOMEI’s product does not require it with great balance. In spite of the core interval of the connecting rod being short type, there is no abnormal hitting in the piston skirt and cylinder from lateral pressure when revved up to 8000rpm. From these results that were used in our shop, we recommend using the reasonable TOMEI RB28 KIT when performing engine overhaul and tuning.