Video: Riding with Max Orido!

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be in a D1GP Pro car at a D1GP event in Japan, but never had the chance to, here is the next best thing.

Now you can see what it would be like right now, right here. Here is an awesome video that we have made here at TOMEI, just for you fans.

Manabu Max Orido is using our products in his very own pro drift car. His car is also fitted with a Racepak Dash that he bought from Tomei.

D1GP Toyota Supra Specs
TOMEI 2JZ Forged Pistons
TOMEI 2JZ Connecting Rods
TOMEI 2JZ Competition Bearings
TOMEI 2JZ Technical Trax LSD

HOLINGER Sequential Gearbox (Maintained by Tomei Powered – Authorised Holinger Distributor)

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