TOMEI is also very well known for are our Forged Pistons. High end designed Pistons that are used not only on street cars, but also in high end professional racing. Our Piston designs and production methods have shown throughout the past decades of use in various extreme conditions, that our design is truely reliable and deliver results!

You can keep looking to Tomei for all the new products coming up. Right now we have Pistons for the 16 valve in 2 bore sizes, 81.5mm and 82.0mm. We will be making these available for turbo low compression applications soon, as well as both high compression for N/A and low compression Pistons for turbo for 20Valve engine applications! So AE101 and AE111 owners can benefit with Tomei pistons in their 4AG engines.

PART NUMBER: 1163815012 (81.5mm Bore Size)
PART NUMBER: 1163820012 (82.0mm Bore Size)

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Tomei Poncam Camshafts – 4AGE 16V
Tomei Procam Camshafts – 4AGE 16V
– Tomei Poncam Camshafts – 4AGE 20V (Coming Soon)
– Tomei Procam Camshafts – 4AGE 20V (Coming Soon)
Tomei Pistons 4AGE 16V
Tomei Conrods 4AGE
Tomei Full Counter Crankshaft
Tomei Reinforced Timing Belt
Tomei Metal Exhaust Gasket
Tomei Reinforced Head Studs
Tomei Reinforced Main Studs
Tomei Reinforced Flywheel Bolts
Tomei Crank Ladders

Here is a video made for ADVAN by Hoon Media. Techno Pro Spirits N2 Race car is built for high end race use with Tomei parts.