Tomei EXPREME Ti – Explained!!

Since many people have been asking about our ever popular Titanium exhausts, how did we make such a high grade, clean, super lightweight exhaust. Well, read on to find out.

First and foremost, we are also dedicated enthusiasts. So what we made is what we also wanted for ourselves. But since everyone is different. We did our best to try to cater to the needs of everyone. So here are the details on how and why we made our EXPREME Ti full Titanium exhausts the way it is.


With our all new manufacturing process, from the raw material to end process, we have been able to reduce production costs. This then allows us to be able to offer this high grade quality Titanium material to you at an amazing price.

STRONG: The strong elastic properties of Titanium has allowed us to make the piping as thin as possible, without comprising strength for ultra light weight.

DURABLE: The high heat and corrosion resistance properties that this muffler is made for gives maximum longevity, even with extreme harsh driving conditions.

LIGHTWEIGHT: a few comparisons with the models already available on the market


LANCER EVO 10: Stock is 20.05kg ( 44.2lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 4.4kg ( 9.7lbs)

LANCER EVO 7-9: Stock is 16.0kg ( 35.27lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 4.85kg ( 10.69lbs)


Genesis Coupe: Stock is 19.6kg ( 43.21lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 4.7kg ( 10.36lbs)


IMPREZA GDB A-G: Stock is 15.5kg ( 34.17lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 5.1kg ( 11.24lbs)

IMPREZA GR & GV: The stock GV is 23.0 Kg (50.71 lbs) –

Tomei Expreme Ti for the JDM model is 7.0kg ( 15.4lbs)

Tomei Expreme Ti for the USDM model is 7.2kg (15.8lbs)


Skyline GTR BNR32: Stock is 19.50kg ( 42.99lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 7.35kg ( 16.2lbs)

Skyline GTR BCNR33: Stock is 18.9kg ( 41.67lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 7.15kg ( 15.76lbs)

Skyline GTR BNR34: Stock is 18.0kg ( 39.68lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 7.05kg ( 15.54lbs)

180SX (R)PS13: Stock is 14.5Kg (31.96lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 4.65kg (10.25lbs)

Silvia S13: Stock is 14.5Kg (31.96lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 4.65kg (10.25lbs)

Silvia S14: Stock is 16.0Kg (35.27lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 4.85kg (10.69lbs)

Silvia S15: Stock is 16.0Kg (35.27lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 4.85kg (10.69lbs)

350Z: Stock is 21.0Kg (46.3 lbs) – Tomei Expreme Ti is 5.9kg (13.0 lbs)



The 3 piece design was chosen to help with logistics, installation and also for storage benefits. Having a single long one piece system is not only cumberson, but can cause a lot of other inconveniences.

The kit comes complete with bolts, nuts, and even bolt smooth paste to help prevent heat problems with the bolts. So everything is included to a direct bolt on straight from the box!

The conventional style flange is not used to help reduce weight even further. The use of the springs and clamps eliminates the need for gaskets as well. Our exhaust engineer used to design and produce many race use only motorbike exhaust systems, hence the bike style look of our joints with the use of clamps and springs. All bolts and accessories are included (with a detailed installation manual too) so you can bolt it straight onto your car out of the box! no more messing around with reusing your existing bits, or the need to hunt for new parts to replace the worn out ones.

A silencer is also included in the kit (as we know many owners do like to use it on their own car, and certain other people DO like to complain about the noise). The stickers, well, we get asked a lot for them so they have been included as well.


Only the racing layout muffler design in full Titanium can produce the exhilarating race sound that is second to none. To hear the sound of this exhaust, we have this video from an EVO 10 car in California that has been fitted with our Tomei Titanium Exhaust with test pipe, hi flow cat and silencer.

Thanks to Peter Tarach from Modified Magazine for the video.


The long fiber wool threads were adopted for the silencer. This type has proven to last longer than the traditional fiberglass materials even over a longer period of time with extensive high temperature exposure both at high and low pressures.


The design targets were strictly for performance use and for the best value for money for our end users. We too want more for less, so the current lineup are only at a super affordable…

MSRP FROM $1,290.00 (USD)!!!

Yes that is everything in the box, ready to BOLT ON!


The pipe diameter was chosen for optimum exhaust flow efficiency. For performance use in mind and weigh reduction. Thus the slide joints was made instead of using the conventional flange and gasket design.


Compared with the stock design, our design is single piping all the way for max weight reduction. We have also focused on the design of the muffler to produce the best exhaust sound without compromising performance.

Designed For True Performance Use.

– Lightweight (For total balance)

– Optimum Exhaust Flow (To extract the engines full potential, will benefit greatly with additonal tuning.)

So the main reason for the single pipe layout, even with cars that have originally been released with the twin layout is mainly to do with weight reduction. Pretty much the same as your body. If you are a sprint runner, you’d want the most power (muscles) and the least bulky weight (fat) so you can move your body quicker. but that is not the only reason. The corners is where this is most important. You’d want to have the most agile car possible so you can move it freely at higher speeds.

Our Subaru Impreza WRX is a prime example of this. We made our Time Attack car for not just promotional purposes, but it is also our test car for our products. Purposely set at a lower power output at 500HP, yet with maximum weight reduction in mind, we could still bring home respectable results. This car also uses a full Titanium exhaust, even thought it is a one off custom made one, the same principles apply. Just to also let you know, the engineer who made and designed this cars Titanium exhaust is the same person who designs, tests and heads every single EXPREME Ti Full Titanium cat back system we have released so far. More applications are coming soon!


Our dedicated skilled technical staff performs all welds in a temperature controlled room.

This prevents welding defects which are caused by other environmental factors.

Just how our staff gets such clean smooth precision welds? Well it is all about attention to details.

Using the gas lens optimizes shielding gas coverage which will ensure consistent, quality TIG welds.

Optimized back sealed jigs aids with quality design production. Strength is maintained even from the inside of the pipe.

When the weld current is controlled carefully, with the correct sealed gas flow rate, the results will yield excellent clean welds without discoloring. With a bit more power, the weld can easily break. At the right conditions, the weld will be strong and not break, but will bend if forced. With TOMEI, all out weld conditions are carefully controlled for consistent perfect results.



You can see with these photos, the difference in the outcome when the heat is not controlled and the work environment. The results speak for themselves.

So not only for the  looks of the product, the reason for our strict control in our welds is because if the heat control and weld is not done 100% right, the weld itself will be weak. The result (as shown above) is a joint that will crack/break easily.

When done right, even when you bend the joint (as shown above) the joint does not crack nor break. It just stretches. But still holds together.

For those of you who was wondering about the blue colouring, that is done by heating the Titanium metal. Not from any chemical or other post processing methods. Titanium will change to blue eventually with heat. So later you can see which part of the exhaust system is exposed to higher temperatures over time.

And the end result…