FB Find – GTR 200 Project

Here is a recent album we have found on our Facebook page.

We are not sure on their build, but that is one very nice collection of parts.

these all look familar,

very familiar,

Tomei RB28 Stroker Kit (87mm)
Tomei Procams – (270D / 10.80 Lift)
Tomei Valve Springs Spec B
Tomei Retainers
Tomei Main and Conrod Bearings
Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulleys
Tomei Guides
Tomei Timing Belt
Tomei Oversized Valves
Tomei Fuel Rail
Tomei Oil Pump
Tomei Hi-Flow Fuel Pressure Regulators
Tomei Head Gasket (88mm 1.5mm Thickness)

Garrett GTX4202 Turbo 1.28 AR
Iskender Custom Twinscroll Manifold
Tial MV-R Wastegate 44mm
Tial 50mm Bov
ARP Main Studs
ARP Head Studs
Precision Intercooler
Injector Dynamics ID1000cc
Carbonetics Triple Plate Clutch
Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel Pump
RCI Fuel Cell (Sungerli)
EARL’S Fittings and Hose Kit
Greddy Intake Manifold
Oem Water Pump
Oem Gasket Kit
Oem Tensioner
Oem Idler Pulley
R14.2 KIT :
*R14.2 Frame Rails Left and Right Sides
*R14.2 Billet Frame Blocks
*Subframe Hardware (Bolts/washers)
*Trans Side Transmission Mount
*Frame Side Transmission Mount
*Front Upper-Control-Arm Structure w/ integrated Front Shock Mounts
*Lower Shock Mounts
*Custom Driveshaftshop Driveshaft
*1/2″ Eye-to-Eye Coilovers – 5″ Travel (Road Race style heim-mounted)
*Nascar Front and Rear Shocks
Oem 300ZX Non-Turbo Steering Rack
M&W Ignition PRO-16 CDI Box
PowerFlex Master Bushing Kit
Mc Kinney S14 – RB26 Radiator
Mc Kinney S14 – RB26 Radiator Hose Kit

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