Tomei User: BNR32 GTR in Toronto Canada – Vlad – Part 2

Continuing from part 1, Vlad’s car being well built, deserved another post for the rest of the photos.

words from Vlad,

I chose to use Tomei parts because I know from first hand experience that they are amazing quality and more durable compared to other products. I have always wanted to build a top quality GTR and Tomei was the only company that still lists a complete rb26dett product range and still has new skyline products under developments to be looking forward to. I have already pre-ordered the new Tomei titanium exhaust and can not wait until it is released to the market.

Nissan should have had this colour option available back then.

Again, we love your number plate Vlad!

Looks stock, but….

a few hints that shows, it’s not stock…

Enjoys the pics!

TE37SL, suits the car so much.

PART 1. of  Tomei User: BNR32 GTR in Toronto Canada – Vlad

Thank you Vlad K. !!