Video: Drift Colours – Ep.4 – Ebisu Circuit Meet The Drivers Part 2

Here is the second part of “Meet the Drivers”. This video gives you a better idea of the sort of people that drop by this event, including a certain D1 champion who goes by the name of Saito as well as a few other familiar faces.

We are back at Ebisu Circuit meeting more local, international and pro drivers including the likes of Bomber from Drift Tengoku and the mad man himself Daigo Saito! That’s not all! We have a 5 car snake train trying to launch into space, and our own “DOUBLE RAINBOW” moment caught on tape. For those wondering why there is a lion in the video, Ebisu also has a zoo on location.

Make sure you crank the volume up loud! And be sure to watch the video right till the end because after the credits have rolled you will be treated to a sneak peak scene from the upcoming 2011 Drift Matsuri video. STAY TUNED!!!