More Fake Tomei Sellers on eBay – Phony66

Here is another recent find of a seller on eBay selling FAKE TOMEI PRODUCTS. This time on eBay Germany!

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Example Listings;




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Other site where this seller is selling from:

Phony66 eBay Store

The signs of a fake Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator

– Price listed under $108.00 USD for the Fuel Pressure Regulator alone.

– Free Pressure gauge offered

– Free shipping

– Sellers Location (Singapore, Malaysia and any Asian countries in that region are a good sign of a fake item source) But recently eBay sellers in the UK, the USA & Australia are buying from those sellers and relisting on ebay in other countries.

DO NOT TRUST the images used on the listing, as sellers often use our images (which are readily available for download off our website) and they send the fake item out.

This is what this buyer received in the mail,

If you have accidentially purchased a fake fuel pressure regulator, DO NOT USE it on your engine. You save a little, but then destroy your engine, which is worse?


– Request for an immediate refund to the seller,

– make a claim to eBay

– make a claim to Paypal (if you had used paypal to pay for the item)

CONTACT US (So we can publicly announce it for the rest of the general public to know, YES you can remain anonymous!)


For all your Chinese FAKE products, contact this seller on eBay

Thank you to our Tomei Supporter to Mr. F.J. who all sent us the link and information on this seller.