Events: WTAC 2011 – Friday 5th FINAL UPDATE!

After an amazing 1st day kickoff, the competition was showing amazing results already, and there’s still tomorrow!

So after day 1, CyberEVO the reigning champion is showing that the fight is ON! Out to protect their title! Tarzan has already beaten his best time from last year (1:30.5870), and put down this super hot 1:30.3690 lap time!

In second place is the all new competitor, who missed out last year is REVOLUTION. Showing super hot laps and challenging the CyberEVO and others. Got a best lap time of 1:30.6160.

In third is Sierra Sierra Enterprise, carrying the flag for the USA and Dave has challenged the top contenders with a 1:30.7490 hot lap.

In 4th place is the #6 car the Tilton Interiors Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, with Garth Walden at the wheel flying the flag for Australia with a 1:31.2530 laptime.

NOTE: the time difference between the top 4 positions is only 0:00.8840!!!!

Thanks to the Speedhunters team, Charles Kha, Dino Dalle Carbonare, Casey Dhnaram and Matt Malcolm for their fantastic coverage of the event.

The TARGET tomorrow is to break into the 29’s! Who will be the first to do it???

We’ll try to keep everyone updated tomorrow, but it is our Saturday too. Stay tuned!

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REFERENCE: WTAC 2010 Results

1: 11P Tarzan Yamada CyberEVO Mitsubishi Lancer Evo @ 1:30.5870*

2: 7P David Empringham Sierra Sierra Mitsubishi Lancer Evo @ 1:31.8840 (gap from lead 0:01.2970)

3: 6P Tarzan Yamada Tomei/Cusco Subaru Imprezza WRX @ 1:31.9010 (gap from lead 0:01.3140, gap from 2nd place 0:00.0170)

4: 5P Warren Luff Prep’d Motorsport Lotus Elise @ 1:32.2730 (gap from lead 0:01.6860)

5: 15P K Sasaki Pan Speed Racing Mazda RX-7 @ 1:32.4540 (gap from lead 0:01.8670)

6: 10P Kinoshita Mitsuhiro Pro Staff R-Magic Motorsport Mazda RX-7 @ 1:33.5050 (gap from lead 0:02.9180)

7: 2P Mark Berry Advan/Hi Octane Racing Nissan Skyline R34 G @ 1:34.1090 (gap from lead 0:03.5220)

8: 13P David Loftus BSM Motorsport Nissan Skyline R32 G @ 1:35.8760 (gap from lead 0:05.2890)

9: 1P Garth Walden Tilton Interiors Mitsubishi Lancer Ev @ 1:37.0590 (gap from lead 0:06.4720)

10: 8P Peter Lucas Kirrapak Racing Lotus Elise HPE @ 1:37.4240 (gap from lead 0:06.8370)

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