Events: Motion Auto Show at Long Beach USA Part 1

Our team members at Tomei USA went to the Motion Sport Compact Auto Show & Expo the weekend before in LA.

The event was held at the long beach convention center.

Even on the other side of the Pacific, there are warm hearted people willing to help those in need on the other side of the Ocean. Thank you!

American Classics!

mixed in with the new European exotics,

SL65 AMG, YES! but the colour…..

The Porsche family car, looking good in white!

Now here’s something we don’t see in Japan much anymore


All nicely done up too!

wait! where’s the Mazda heart? the Oil burner…..

Now powered by a Toyota heart. (We have new camshafts coming soon for this engine!)

Even the interior is a Toyota

nice HH badge too.

The Japanese style VIP scene influence is showing signs here too

Toyota and Subaru, even here they are together.

A Honda Civic with an interesting look


Lexus, looking the part in white.

the event was pretty good and we’ll show more photos soon of what rides were on display inside.

mmmm, rubber and black marks….

Our staff from Japan are always happy to see this kind of scene. The atmosphere here in LA is always nice.

Seems like the SoCal European car owners have a thing for red.

The name that attracts certain members of our staff…..

Interesting bikes too.

The tall palm trees, reminds me of the old Beverly Hills movie with Eddie Murphy.

Honda’s are always popular here in the US. The NSX looks even better in the US than it does in Japan.

Some say it has no power, but I still love the design and the look of them.

More to come soon!

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