New Product: Valve Springs for Nissan R35 GTR VR38 Engines

Extract Even More Performance From PROCAMS

TOMEI’s R&D concept on production technology, such as materials used, surface treatments and much more, is always refined and of the latest technology in the industry. Our strict thorough quality control methods and testing methods are applied to each Valve Spring off the production line.
High power generating engines which operate at high engine speeds require precision durable valve springs to suit the aggressive performance camshaft profiles that are used.

Multi Coil Unequal Pitch Springs
By combining several steps of spring rates into the one spring will raise the natural vibration frequency. This greatly minimizes resonance and the chances of surging.

Oil Tempered Chromium-silicone Alloy
Oil tempered chromium-silicone alloy steel wire is used which is considered to be the best material suited for springs that are used in performance applications. Now the technology has evolved even further. Combined with a new optimized design, not only did we make it more durable, we’ve also succeeded in suppressing valve jumps or bounce even at extreme engines speeds.

Shot Penning
A process that strikes many small steel balls onto the surface of the spring at high speeds is made to enhance the surface of the spring to raise its fatigue limit. An additional treatment process that we do during the manufacturing process.

Hot Setting
The process that allows increasing the springs loads beyond the actual limits. This process will modify the springs shape and keep it permanently fixed. We’ve succeeded in securing the highest performance over a long period of time whilst preventing sagging.

The surface treatment method for making nitrogen permeates the spring and gives it large surface compression repulsion. This method was chosen to raise the fatigue limit to suit the demands or running high lift camshafts. With the combined use of Oil Tempered Chromium-silicone Alloy Steel Wire and Nitriding which raises the springs fatigue limit 1.5 more than before. This is how our valve springs are suitable for use on extreme engine speed conditions of super-high revs exceeding 10,000 RPM, which had not been previously possible with high lift camshafts.

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