New Products: PONCAMS for the 2JZ-GTE (Early Model)

The all new PONCAMS for the 2JZ-GTE (Early Model).

High Performance & Outstanding Turbo Response For Non VVT-i Engines

The long-awaited camshaft, which has been put through several extensive trial & error test phases.

Completely analyzed, back to back on the early model 2JZ-GTE engine characteristics. These camshafts now extract even more performance than the stock, throughout the entire range.

Excellent pick up from lower rpm, and even greater results at maximum rpm. Now you can experience the full performance potential of the early model 2JZ-GTE.

– Specialised Materials Used
– Precision Grinds
– Preset Valve Timing
– Stock Valve Spring Compatible
– Perforamnce Throughout
– Outstanding Turbo Response
– Stable Idling
– Best Balance

The VVTi compatible camshafts are coming in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates!