Price Update : RB28 KIT!

New Specs, Now With Recessed Pistons!!

The Ideal RB26. Super Response & Big Torque!

You’ll experience dramatical changes in the RB26 with just the increase of 200cc in displacement. Superior response throughout, with just the slight changes in the throttle. Big torque with an overhwelming feeling of acceleration. Allows more room to grow with the ability to leverage the potential of larger turbos.

Made from forged alloy for added strength, with the precision that you’d expect from TOMEI. Uncomparable with standard parts, and best value for money. Even to this day, the RB26 is one of the most popular sports engine to tune. True to it’s form, the TOMEI RB28 KIT completes this true race engine.

The above photos are of the kit with the standard non recessed pistons. With image on the left is with the bearings included kit, the one on the right is without. The top 2 images at the very beginning are the kits with the Recessed Pistons.

RB28 2.8L Stroker Kit
SR22 2.2L Stroker Kit
4G63 2.2L Stroker Kit
4G63 2.3L Stroker Kit
EJ22 2.2L Stroker Kit