Tomei User: Slammed S13 Drifter from Downunder

Here is the first feature on our Tomei introduction to Tomei users worldwide. There is no better way to start off than showcasing this hot Tomei powered S13, that was shot by the ultra creative Casey Dhnaram.

Casey has a special eye for detail. His ability to find and exploit the beauty of cars through his photography is best left it up to you to decide by yourself.  Enjoy!

Slide and scrape!

leaving trails

the car is not low, officer

just like cloud 9

The evil within…


All the products used on the car that is also available from Tomei Powered are

Tomei 1.5mm head gasket
Tomei 260 inlet cam
Tomei 270 exhaust cam
Tomei valve springs
Tomei rocker stoppers

Driveline & Brakes:
Tomei 2-Way Differential centre
Nismo gearbox mount

2 x Bride Zeta III
Haltech platinum ECU

PHOTOGRAPHY: Casey Dhnaram

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Thanks to – Casey Dhnaram

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