Korean Drift Masters – Hyundai Genesis Overload part 2

Following up from the first post of the Korean Drift Masters, we look more into the event. Above is the 2L 4 cylinder turbo engine that you’d find in the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, only this time..

it’s been swapped into a Nissan Silvia S15 chassis. The reason, imported cars (uncluding Japanese makes) are much more expensive to have in Korea. They are heavily taxed. So since it was hard to find parts for the previous SR20, (also the language barrier), the owner decided to use an easier to source parts for, locally made engine.

This 180sx however, is still running the SR20DET.

Here we have 2 members from the SG Factory group. Richard was leading with the hot entry.


The yellow 180sx dose stand out.

Here is Sung who has a V6 powered Genesis. It’s also his daily driver.

The funny part about Sung, is that his work, involves Ford vehicles only.


Here is Sunny, who runs a V6 twin turbo setup.

What was a common theme in the crowd, brightly coloured cars. Look how bright this car is!

Sung and Sunny battling it out

Sung likes to push his daily driven car, hard!

Richard is also a very dedicated drifter. Even though his car is under-powered,  he pushes hard

I do like these cars in white.

This car is the demo car of Club LOS. With a V6 supercharged power-plant.

more to come in part 3

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