Tuners Voice: ARMS M7760 Turbo on the Subaru WRX

With the growing popularity in the TOMEI ARMS turbos, we have decided to get some more feedback from some pro-shops in and end users. So here are the words from one of our dealers.

“The majority of our customers are destroying the stock turbo on how they use it on the street.
Their demands for more power is quiet a common thing. So with our experience we always recommend the ARMS M7660 turbo. This has always been proven to satisfy the needs of our customers.”

“If you upgrade to this turbo, you can gain about 300PS with a low boost setting of 1.3k. Quick spooling from low RPM and great response. The turbo comes with all fittings so the package kit is great value for money.”

Words from Pro Shop Aqua
Comments from : Aqua – Mr. Hajime Masashi
Photos – from his customers car