ADVANCED SPEC Engine Limited Edition


The all new. The ADVANCED SPEC Limited Edition crate engines on their way out.

Since the recently announced Advance Spec Limited Edition models were announced, they have been very popular. Here are some behind the scenes of how an Advance Spec looks, when going through the final preparations.

100% brand new, with the Genesis blue paint covers, Tomei Oil Filler Cap and Tomei Ornament Plate.

Once the order has been placed, all the ports & openings are sealed,

then the whole engine is wrapped.

The engine is then placed in the crate, on top of the custom supports that were specifically made for the RB26 engine. The supports are also wood, with special padding for extra protection.


Then fixed and secured in place, with more protection as well.


The crate is sealed, right here, in house. Then ready for collection, to be delivered.

Here you can see the special custom made wooden crate, that  is made for the engine.

Marked with the Advance Spec logo.

The crate is specifically made for us, by another specialized packing company. The wooden crates are certified as well, to allow them to pass through customs regulations.

Carefully handled every step of the way in Japan.

Have you ordered yours yet?


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