Upcoming 1JZ Turbo Outlet Pipe Testing!

Before releasing any products, we put the prototypes through various tests. This is how we know our design works.

Each and every Tomei product, always goes through various test phases. Engine bench Dyno testing, then on race cars for extreme conditions, then finally on a street base use car. This time, for the 1JZ turbo outlet pipe, we’ve decided to test it on a car that is being used in Formula D, in the USA.


Here you can see one of the designs we have made, this is the one Nick from Elite JDM is using on his Formula D Pro Drift car.


Here are the Dyno results from Nicks tests.

Blue : M8280 ARMS Turbo + our Prototype Outlet Pipe (Down Pipe) = 405HP

Red: M8280 ARMS Turbo + stock Outlet Pipe (Down Pipe) = 375HP

Green : Stock Turbo + Stock Outlet Pipe (Down Pipe) = 280HP


Here are the differences with the stock turbo & our ARMS M8280 turbo.

So stay tuned to see more updates in the future on this upcoming product.


ARMS M8280 Turbo Kit for the Toyota 1JZ engine.


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