World Time Attack Challenge

Our car is almost in Sydney Australia! Time Attack has a second home, Sydney Australia.

With the long wait and excitement, the time is almost here. Many great cars will be there to compete for the honors of the fastest TA car on the planet!

Here you can see the Hi Octane Racing BNR34 that is piloted by one of the owners Mr. Mark Berry. What an awesome machine it is. This car uses many Tomei Powered products that is ready to order from our Authorised Dealer Hi Octane Racing.

Here is a shot of our car loaded into the container, bound for Sydney, Australia!

And below is the awesome photo shot by Dino at last years Tsukuba Time Attack Battle in December.

The world famous will be there to cover the event on a daily basis. Dino Dalle Carbonare and Rod Chong, doing what they do best.

Insider Scoop: TIRES
By far the MOST inportant factor in race car setup for results. Our car has always been configured specifically to what tires we run. The team at Cusco adjusts the suspension and certain chassis setup to match the tire grip characteristics to suit our race car drivers (Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada) needs
What our car is running : ADVAN A050 R-Spec Tires,
Why? Well we need results and the ADVAN A050 R-Specs soft compound is designed to heat up quickly, and is designed for Time Attack, Supersprint, Lap Dash, Gymkhana and Hillclimb events.
Where to buy these tires?
AUSTRALIA: from your nearest TIRES & MORE