Tomei Insider: USDM 240SX arrives in Japan!

As mentioned before on our Facebook pages, we will also begin developing all new products for the Nissan 240SX and for those in the US who are using the KA24 engine. Our USDM 240SX also arrived yesterday at Tomei HQ Japan.

A shot of the stock engine bay. Doesn’t really look exciting now does it. Don’t worry, this will change.

Iwamoto-san is our youngest apprentice Engineer, is also one of our resident Drifters. Don’t let his baby face mislead you. He’s already had some experience working on a Super GT team prior to joining Tomei. Earlier this year, Iwamoto-san went to the US on vacation to see Formula D at Long Beach. So he’s keen on this project!

So with the expertise and solid experience of our senior engineers, we’re having our younger engineers take active roles in this project. Injecting some “young blood tuning passion” into the equation, so we can make products, that we ourselves would be happy to use.

Both Iwamoto-san & Kodama-san (standing behind Iwamoto-san on the left), will be playing a big part in this project.

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