General Information: JDM Subaru Impreza WRX – GD series

As confusing as it is, Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) has various models, names and codes for their Subaru Imprezas. We often get asked about product compatibility with the JDM models vs. overseas models. Here’s a short model range listing information for the Subaru Impreza WRX GD range in Japan.

The following information was extracted from the Japanese Subaru Genuine Parts search system, in Japan.

The GDB Imprezas went through certain light to mild design changes from 2000-2007. They were then classified by Subaru as “Applied X”, X being models A-G as shown below.

Applied A = 2002 Feb – 2001 Aug
Applied B = 2001 Jun – 2002 Oct
Applied C = 2002 Sep – 2003 Jul
Applied D = 2003 Jun – 2004 May
Applied E = 2004 Mar – 2005 May
Applied F = 2005 Apr – 2006 Jun
Applied G = 2006 Apr – 2007 Apr

Chassis numbers usually give more detailed information when they are entered in the Subaru parts search system. Obviously these chassis code numbers will vary from country to country, as vehicle manufacturers will make changes to suit that country’s conditions (climate, uses and laws). So when in doubt, best to seek professional advice locally about differences in your regions model.