Bears Factory builds a car with 1JZ ARMS TURBO & PONCAMS!


One of the popular tuning shops in Kanagawa, Japan, known as Bear Factory, shows us one of their recent builds.

This Toyota JZX110 was upgraded with an ARMS Turbo 1JZ M8280 Kit and a set of PONCAMS.


The owner of this car was in a rush to get his car back on the road for an upcoming event after a turbo failure.

Since this shop has also built many SR20DET setups with the ARMS turbos, this end user decided to go with the Tomei ARMS turbo kit as well.

Priced well and with the performance power target of what he wanted, it was an easy choice.

With the PONCAMS and ARMS TURBO KIT, his car now makes 471 PS with 54.67 Kgm torque at 1.4K boost.




* CAMSHAFT: Tomei Poncams

* INJECTORS: 555cc


* ECU F-Con is