ARMS TURBO KITS – Another shipment arrived at Tomei USA!

Just arrived at Tomei USA is our new shipment of ARMS turbos. We’ve already shipped many that were on backorders. Grab yours while stocks last!




Primary exhaust pressure at low RPMs remain identical to stock

The boost build up is neither sluggish nor abrupt; we have designed this to be natural and smooth. This characteristic provides a stress free driving experience with easy vehicle operation.

Response equal to stock trim

Generally, a larger turbocharger relative to stock, results in decreased response of the engine. However, we have managed to keep the response equal to that of the stock trim by matching the most ideal turbine and compressor wheel. Countless hours of testing was of course performed to achieve these results.

Increased peak power

To achieve an increased peak power with the various restrictions such as the turbo size limit is considered a great achievement. We are also proud of the perfectly instant response where there is no lag and no abrupt boost pressures.

Maintains boost pressure at high RPMs

It is evident that the stock turbocharger cannot maintain or extend boost pressure above 5,500 RPMs. The M7760 has the capacity to far extend this limit, making it an ideal step for further advanced tuning.

100% Bolt-on

The turbo kit comes complete with the necessary gaskets, plumbing, and hardware for easy installation. It can literally be bolted on right out of the box.



All the housings made with different materials of metal were first closely examined and tested for energy absorption, friction, and cooling capabilities. The most ideal components were designed and utilized.


By equipping the unit with a strengthened actuator, the turbocharger can operate with stability at high boost pressures.


Now in stock

4G63 M7960
SR20 M7960
SR20 M8270
1JZ M8280
RB26 M8260