Tomei User: EXPREME Ti in Singapore!

During last years visit to Singapore, I saw this EXPREME Titanium Muffler on customers
car of ST Powered. This car was also running some nice Tomei products.

During the ASIA AUTOSALON show in October 2009 we had participated in we had many visitors at our booth. We didn’t know just how popular our brand and products was in Singapore until that time. With the great interests shown in our full Titanium muffler series I knew we had a good product to deliver satisfaction.

Words from ST Powered,
I have many EVO 10 customers, and most of them were surprised with this exhaust when they saw it in our shop. It’s mainly because they had never seen such high quality from an affordable exhaust system before. Of course, this is a TOMEI product so high performance is promised without doubt.

It is a good time for end users to enjoy their cars in Singapore, because we’ve had the Formula 1 Grand Prix here since 2008. This greatly helps make motorsport even more popular and a new race track will open near future.

TOMEI will increase the range of our Titanium exhaust applications. I definitely recommend it to pure competition users.
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