VIDEO: Teaser videos feat. the all new AE86 full titanium exhausts!

Only a few more weeks until the all new full titanium EXPREME Ti EXHAUSTs for AE86 start shipping!

We just couldn’t wait to see these on the street though, so we sent the first production units to our friends Antonio (MotorMavens, 86FEST) and Steve (AE86 Fight Club) ahead of the official launch date. To get a taste of how awesome these look (and sound!) on their hachirokus, check out their videos below!



Antonio’s AE86 (zenki) with the EXPREME Ti 60R (Type-R)


Steven’s AE86 with EXPREME Ti 60R (Type-R)


Even with the stock rear bumper, the TYPE-R version looks right at home with plenty of clearance underneath, despite being an under-axle design.

The TYPE-S  features the same diameter pipes as the TYPE-R (except for the muffler) but sports an over-axle design.

Side by side, you can see just how well both the exhausts hug/dodge the frame and components.

The great thing about these exhausts is that they fit seamlessly and effortlessly straight out of the box…meaning less time in the garage and more time on the road!

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