EVENT: Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 SUMMARY

If you haven’t yet heard of Tokyo Auto Salon – a.k.a TAS – or let alone attended, it’s probably the event to go to if you want to see what JDM cars and tuning is all about. From show cars to race cars, drifters to dragsters, concepts to consumer, it’s all right here in one spot at one of the biggest automotive events to be held in Japan.

Seasoned veterans of TAS will have no doubt noticed the growing STANCE community and the presence/influence was definitely felt this year.

In contrast, FRS/86/BRZs seemed to be out in fewer numbers although hats-off to Subaru for keeping the the attendees’ interest piqued with their signature blue mean machines.

Perhaps it’s the emergence of a certain other new FR sports car on the market that’s stealing the spotlight; more on that later.

Most interestingly (or perhaps its just me) there seemed to be a recurring theme with the vast majority of exhibitors this year; make the most of what you have. Yes, we’d all love to have the latest and greatest but in all honesty manufacturers haven’t exactly provided us with much choice, as of late, when it comes to sports cars. Don’t believe me? Just imagine for a second that the FRS/86/BRZ didn’t exist…see my point? So with the slim pickings, more exhibitors instead seemed to be focusing on creating parts and demo cars based on older chassis/models…

…or platforms we never would have even considered before!

Of course, its just as refreshing to see mash-ups of old and new like this FD sporting a front end more inline with MAZDA’s newest models.

And for those who like to go back several generations more, we spotted this old skool cool Datsun Z and wide body R32 on display at the Option booth.

Of course this is just a glimpse into what TAS had to offer this year. Over the next couple of days we’ll be showcasing some of the cars that really made the show (with higher resolution images) so stay tuned!