Events: CyberEVO’s Shakedown at FSW for WTAC

Now you can read about the report from the CyberEVO shakedown on Monday.

The detailed report is now up online at

The CyberEVO is running these Tomei Powered products.

Tomei 2.2L Stroker Kit (which includes the following)
Tomei Forged Piston Kit
Tomei Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods
Tomei Forged 2.2L Crankshaft
Tomei Procam Camshafts
Tomei Cylinder Head work was also done to the CyberEVO 4G63 head as ordered.

Tomei has a range of Complete Engine Assemblies [ GENESIS ]for the 4G63 and other engines. Ranging from Complete Cylinder Heads, Short Blocks and Complete Long Block assemblies.


A big thank you to Charles Kha at Speedhunters and to all our supporters.
Thank you to Mr. Takizawa and the Unlimited Works team for using our products, and to Voltex for their support as always.

Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon!