Tuners Voice: The ARMS M7960 Maitta Turbo!

I’ve been using this turbo with the Tomei 270 degree cams and this is my favorite combination for this turbo. At 3500 rpm it can already reach max boost and maintain it all the way past 7000 rpm at 1.6kg boost. Although this turbo is an actuator type, it gives you the waste gate type turbo feel.

The stock turbo starts loosing boost after 6000rpm. But the tomei arms have good power from low RPM.
WHOA, it’s really fast!
With the stock turbo, I cannot tell the difference between boost settings of 1.5kg and 1.6kg. However with the Tomei ARMS, I can really tell the difference, it is clearly noticeable. Also the low rpm range is really good. I often recommend this turbo to both street and track users. On top of that, the price is really amazing!

I can tell that tomei is really serious; it has been a while since I have felt this feeling before. It is my first time to feel so good about a turbo like this.

Power, stable boost, wide power band, great quality, amazing price and it looks great too.
This turbo is best used with camshafts to get the most out of it; we highly recommend this turbo because we love this product.

My first impression was that the response is better than the stock EVO 6 RS turbo, and even the stock EVO 8 MR Turbo. With 800cc injectors our car is using about 80% duty and it feels like a 400HP car, I have not yet had the chance to put it on the Dyno but I soon will to get the numbers.

Well I have gotten carried away saying too much about this turbo, but it’s all true. I’m not bragging about it, it’s just the facts. I don’t use the stock turbos for our customers anymore, only the Tomei turbos.

Words from Mr. YUKIO FUJITA from Speed Shop Phantom

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