NEW! CAMSHAFTS for the Toyota 1JZ-GTE Late Model Engines

High Performance & Outstanding Turbo Response


The long-awaited camshaft, which has been put through several extensive trial & error test phases. Completely analyzed, back to back on the late model 1JZ-GTE engine characteristics. These camshafts now extract even more performance than the stock, throughout the entire range. Excellent pick up from lower rpm, and even greater results at maximum rpm. Now you can experience the full performance potential of the late model 1JZ-GTE.

Close up of the oil lines. Same as stock.

Close up of the trigger, same as stock.


Engine Dyno test was done in Japan, on our engine dyno room, on Japan High Octane Pump Gas (100 Octane RON)


APPLICATION: 1JZ-GTE Late models (Kouki)


INTAKE 250 Duration x 8.80mm Lift : 1400250088
EXHAUST 260 Duration x 9.10mm Lift : 1401260091