Tomei History: 2001 – Tomei BNR34 GTR Drag Car in Sendai

Here are some photos and a rare video of our old BNR34 GTR Drag Race Car.

Back in 2001, we were competing in the Drag Race events in Japan. As some may know, Drag racing is not big in Japan. Mainly due to the lack of venues and tracks. So now, there are very few places in Japan where you can go Drag Racing. Sendai (where these photos were taken) is still the main place for it. Since it has a dedicated Drag Racing track.


IHI Turbos, ordered to our custom specifications and we retained the RB26 engine as a twin turbo setup. Look at those old school Adjustable Cam Pulleys!

(Please excuse the quality of the photos, these photos were taken on a low res. normal pocket snapper back then.)


Lightweight chassis and panels with a Holinger Sequential Gearbox (Tomei is the official Holinger Distributor in Japan).

Our BNR34 Drag car was competing in the Pro Class at that time. The track isn’t as well prepped as the tracks overseas. So grip was the main issue. Our best recorded time back then, was 8.3 Seconds. It was the record for that year. The driver was Miyazaki from Kyushu. The engine and car was prepared by Tomei Powered. The RB26 race engine used on this car was the engine that was used for testing our RB26 prototypes. The race car and race events are one of the test phases of our R&D. This is why we take so long to release our products. We don’t just make it and release it. We always put each and every product through extensive test phases to know if we have the right product or not.

Rear wing mounted for the best aerodynamics setup to suit the drag race events at that time.  You can see in the top photo, the ADVAN wheels and slick tires. That’s what we had used for the race events.

The engine was still a 2.6L. We used our Full Counter Crankshaft (now discontinued), which allowed us to rev it all the way to 11,000 RPM, and it produced 1,100 HP.

Here is an old video of the car, enjoy! (Sorry for the low quality, that’s all we could find.)

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– 2001 – Tomei BNR34 GTR Drag Car in Sendai