Events: JCCA 2010 Summer, the day before

It’s Saturday here in Tokyo, it seems that there is something going on in the chassis Dyno room this afternoon.

Today I found my colleague Tahara-san working on the Tomei TS Sunny race car.

Here is one of our master engine builders just getting the car tuned and prepped for the JCCA race day tomorrow.

The room is very cramped because this was designed and built with sound proof walls. Since we are in Tokyo where land space is expensive. There is a residential apartment block just behind Tomei.  So noise is an issue we had to address.

Stickers of all the JCCA race events that this car has been to so far, there’s a lot more on the car.

This car is using our race number “84”, this the race car number we have always been using since day 1 in the 60’s. Part of our tradition and heritage.

Tomorrow is the race day at TSUKUBA CIRCUIT. Be there for the event if you want to see hot classic cars battling it out.


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