4AGE Adjustable Cam Gears Installed

Since we had released our all new look Adjustable Cam Gear, some users had requested a closer look of this new product. Here is how it looks installed!

The all new Red & Black look, really does stand out in the engine bay.

The gear teeth with the black look is from the Hard Anodized surface treatment. The center part is just a plain red anodized finish. The billet center and billet outer gear are all made from 100% Duralumin. Duralumin was chosen for durability. Already proven in other Cam Gears we had made for other engines, like the Nissan RB26. Users with the RB26DETT engines, who had monster engines built that produced well in excess of 1000HP, had no issues with our Duralumin Cam Gears.



With performance being the main purpose, we had also taken into consideration, those who wanted to enjoy showing off their engine bay at shows. So we made a look and finish to compliment your efforts, for that finishing touch.


Click on the above image to view the details of our ultra light weight adjustable cam gear for the Toyota 4AGE!!