TOYOTA 86 Car Koubou Demo Car with the Technical Trax 2 Way LSD

One of the tuning shops here in Japan, Car Koubou, has made a Toyota 86 demo car.


This car is using our Tomei Technical Trax 2 Way LSD for their 86. Since our LSD units for the 86 and BRZ are being used in competition vehicles already, it has grown in popularity.

This car is still near stock,

with some light tune upgrades.

Car Koubou is also a used car dealer, whom specializes in used performance and drift cars as well.


D1GP Pro Drift Driver, Ueno from Vertex, tried the car out on track.

He loved the feeling of the Technical Trax LSD.

It was one of the main upgrades that the 86, as the stock unit just wasn’t enough.

The car already has a great chassis design, so every bit will just compliment the cars handling even more.

Tomei Technical Trax 2 Way LSD
Type: TGA
Part Number: 562047