Tomei User: BNR34 GTR in France! – Romain Quesne

Here is a rare sight, for FRANCE!

For many Nissan owners, in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. This car is pretty common. But since this car is in France, it has also caught our attention. A BNR34 GTR gunning through French roads would be cool to see. So here is what Romain had to say about his Bayside Blue Bullet.

Tomei products are really good. Expreme headers quality are amazing!
Perfect fitment and a real performance up after ECU adjustement. Metal head gasket seems to be realy strong. I’m waiting for other parts has B7660 turbos and elbow to have the perfect set up for me!

CAR: Nissan Skyline BNR34 GTR V-Spec
YEAR: 2000
NAME: Romain Q.


Tomei EXPREME Headers manifold
Tomei Oil Filler Cap

Tomei Strengthened Timing Belt.
Tomei 1.2mm Metal Head Gaskets

AEM wide band
Spitfire coilpack
Apex’I Power intake
Apex’I Power FC ECU
Kansai service tower bar
HKS Hi power ex.
HKS step2 cam
HKS cam pulley
JIC magic straight pipe
ARC oil catch tank
GReddy oil filter relocation kit
HKS type 0 Turbo timer
Gizmo boost controler
HKS type R intercooler
Nismo MFD
Nismo raditor cap
Billion raditor silicon hoses
Garage Defend Colling panel

Future Plans are :

Tomei ARMS Turbo Kit,
Tomei EXPREME Turbine Outlet pipes,
Tomei Ajustable Fuel Pressure Regulator,
Tomei Oil Pump,
Tomei 700cc Injectors,
Tomei High Flow Fuel pump,
Tomei Fuel Rail,
Tomei Ornament Plate (“the perfect touch!”),
Tomei Procams & Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulleys to replace the old HKS system,
Tomei Forged Cooling Channel Pistons and Tomei Forged Connecting Rods (aiming for the 2.8L stroker kit!).

Nismo Z-tune body kit
Volk raçing RE30 19*11 Formula silver
HKS intercooler piping
Aragosta coilovers
Nismo chassis
Nismo intake plenum

Thank you Romain Quesne for using our Tomei Powered Products!