More Fake Tomei Sellers on eBay – fique9


Recently, we here at Tomei have been successful with our efforts in removing these fake Tomei Regulators from eBay. Most of them have been removed by eBay. Today we have found only a couple on there, that had appeared overnight. Here is another recent find of a seller on eBay selling FAKE TOMEI PRODUCTS. This time this seller is showing that they are in Kuantan, Malaysia. The sellers ID is “fique9”.


Well the price and the items shown in the photo are clear signs of a fake. Tomei never offers free fuel pressure gauges to our dealers, so why would they offer that too, on top of the heavily discounted Fuel Pressure Regulator.


This is the genuine Tomei Fuel Pressure Gauge (you can see the face isn’t black). How did they get our logo? well we have it available to download it off our website. The reason is that many media contacts and race/demo/performance cars/teams always ask us for it.

This listing;

The above eBay link will usually, only be available to view for up to 90 days of the end of that action. However, since we have notified eBay already, most likely this will be taken down in the next 48 hours.

Other items “fique9” is selling on eBay :


The signs of a fake Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator

– Price listed under $108.00 USD for the Fuel Pressure Regulator alone.

– Free Pressure gauge offered

– Free shipping

– Sellers Location; Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and any Asian countries (well except Japan of course) in that region are a good sign of a fake item source. But recently eBay sellers in the UK, the USA & Australia are buying from those sellers and relisting on ebay in other countries.

This seller says they are in Kuantan, Malaysia.


Other examples.

DO NOT TRUST the images used on the listing, as sellers often use our images (which are readily available for download off our website) and they send the fake item out.

If you have accidentally purchased a fake fuel pressure regulator, DO NOT USE it on your engine. You save a little, but then destroy your engine, which is worse?


Since eBay deletes all listings after a period of time, the evidence will be erased. So here’s a PDF printout of the listing for future reference.




– Request for an immediate refund to the seller,

– make a claim to eBay

– make a claim to Paypal (if you had used paypal to pay for the item)

CONTACT US (So we can publicly announce it for the rest of the general public to know, YES you can remain anonymous!)


For all your Chinese FAKE products, contact this seller on eBay